Zenkai Sports (Zenkai) is pleased to announce it has partnered with Seven Hockey a premium hockey training and development company owned by ex-NHL player, Shawn Belle.

Zenkai is proud to partner with Seven Hockey as it works with athletes of many levels helping them to reach the pinnacle of their abilities.

Zenkai will provide state of the art training gear for coaches and athletes using revolutionary clothing technology. Athletes will benefit from water repellent yet breathable apparel that works with their bodies natural cooling system, not against it. Zenkai helps thermoregulate core temperature allowing athletes to push themselves harder and achieve better results.

“Zenkai is excited and proud to partner with Shawn Belle and Seven Hockey. We look forward to working together and providing world-class performance apparel to their growing stable of athletes

– Doug Lynch (CEO & Co-Founder | Zenkai Sports)

“We couldn’t be more excited to secure the perfect partner in premium athletic wear, for our Seven Hockey team and athletes. Zenkai’s superior quality and unbelievable comfort stands out, and we love that their innovative products put athlete’s needs first. Knowing that Zenkai was founded by a fellow NHL alum, is super important to me, as I’m all about supporting owners and industry leaders that live and breathe the sport.” – Shawn Belle (Owner | Seven Hockey)

About Seven Hockey

After playing professionally hockey in the NHL and across the globe, Seven Hockey owner Shawn Belle, becoming a trainer and a coach, fuelled by the opportunity to draw on his experience and push the pace of athletic training. Seven Hockey is designed to bring athletes a comprehensive, yet customized program for their development, both on and off the ice. The Seven Hockey team combines elite-level experience with theory-based principles to help players maximize their performance abilities at every level. Seven Hockey’s mission is to inspire all athletes to pursue their passion and elevate their game, for a successful playing career.

Instagram: seven_hockey

Facebook: SevenHockeyYEG

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0p7wIBquIhfcUtR1CpQIBQ

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/seven-hockey

Website: https://www.sevenhockey.com/

About Zenkai Apparel

Zenkai was founded in January 2018 in Portland, Oregon, by athletes who saw an opportunity for natural athletic apparel in a marketplace dominated by synthetics. The goal was to create the future of performance apparel derived from natural fabrics, while helping athletes perform better by staying cooler. After raising initial start-up capital in August 2018, the company launched their first line of technical performance base layer and training apparel in September 2019.




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