Zenkai Sports is an authorized supplier to the NHL Officials Association.  Zenkai’s revolutionary performance technology called Filium® is the ultimate synergy of natural fibers and performance technology – a code nobody in the performance apparel industry has been able to crack until now.



“I have been using the Zenkai compression shorts and lace bite socks and absolutely love them.  They are comfortable, easy to travel with as they require minimal washing and keep me cool on the ice while officiating.  Excellent product.” 


Kelly Sutherland #11, NHL Referee


“Zenkai is excited and proud to be an authorized supplier to the NHL Officials Association, providing world-class performance apparel to world class athletes.”

Doug Lynch (CEO & Co-Founder | Zenkai Sports)

Zenkai Apparel Highlights

  • improves athletic performance by enhancing our body’s sweat management system. Scientific studies have shown how vital sweat is in cooling our body during activity
  • by keeping a thin layer of sweat on our skin, this keeps us cooler during exercise, reduces energy exertion because then our body has no need to continually produce more sweat
  • no smell for the life of the garment.
  • can be worn multiple times without washing even after being soaked in sweat
  • natural grip properties so pads stay in place


“Loving my new Zenkai base layer!  Keeps me super cool on the ice and stands up to the rigorous travel and game schedule we have.  As an added bonus; no more smelly gear in my hotel room.  Highly recommended.”

Ryan Gibbons #58, NHL Linesman




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About the NHLOA

The NHLOA (National Hockey League Officials’ Association), was born in 1969 out of a need to improve working conditions, salaries and other benefits for officials of the National Hockey League. All members are active Officials under contract to the NHL who are working in the NHL and designated minor leagues.  https://nhlofficials.com/nhl-officials/current/

About Zenkai Apparel

Zenkai was founded in January 2018 in Portland, Oregon, by athletes who saw an opportunity for natural athletic apparel in a marketplace dominated by synthetics. The goal was to create the future of performance apparel derived from natural fabrics, while helping athletes perform better by staying cooler. After raising initial start-up capital in August 2018, the company launched their first line of technical performance base layer and training apparel in September 2019.