WTA Launches First Global Marketing Campaign In Four Years: ‘It Takes’

Just what does it take to become a top female tennis player?

That’s the core question at the heart of ‘It Takes,’ the first global marketing campaign of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) since 2015.

Based on an idea by boutique brand experience agency Stevie & Fern in St Petersburg, Florida, the WTA asked more than 140 players, ranging from those in the lower ranks to rising talent and established stars, including US Open and Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka of Japan, about the main driving forces that helped to turn them into the elite athletes and women that they are today.

“We worked very closely with players and tournaments, because ‘It Takes’ is about their own identity,” WTA president Micky Lawler said in an interview.

“No two players are the same. What drives them? What does it take for them? There will be common factors, of course, but it is a very individually-tailored campaign.”

The player-led, multi-season campaign will launch on May 13 across the WTA’s digital channels, social media platforms, Tour events, and broadcast, the women’s tour said.

‘It Takes’ is the WTA’s first global marketing campaign since “Power to inspire” in 2015.

“In the past, global campaigns have fallen flat a little bit. Now, with the investment that we have made in our digital footprint and really focusing on marketing more than the top players and top events, and really taking a 360-degree fully inclusive approach, we believe that the time was right, and that we’ve got an opportunity to build something bigger, and better.”

When asked what made ‘It Takes’ stand out from previous marketing efforts, Lawler said: “We asked every player, and every tournament, ‘What does it take to be you? Who are you?,’ and that gave the campaign real authenticity.

Source: Forbes
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