The multiyear partnership will include a full collection of handwear.

Footwear and apparel company Wolverine has signed a multiyear, multicategory partnership with glove manufacturer Olympia Sports. The partnership will include a full collection of work-tough handwear.

“Wolverine is very excited to be working with the team at Olympia Sports, one of the leading creators of quality handwear,” says Steve Workman, vice president, global product, Wolverine. “Being able to expand our brand into gloves is a unique opportunity, and we are eager to partner with Olympia.”

Wolverine and Olympia are launching a collection of gloves in the work, hunt/fish and casual categories. Each glove will have different purposes, including safety, protection, insulation and camouflage.

“The Wolverine work-tough gloves will deliver function, fit and performance unlike any other brand in its category,” says Jeff Lee, external vice president, Olympia Sports. “This collection was developed on a foundation of integrity, endurance and meticulous detail, mirroring the same discipline as in the development of Wolverine footwear and apparel.”

Price points range from $30-$120. Product will be available starting in fall 2020 at retail stores and on

“We build gloves that enhance people’s enjoyment of life while providing the protection and durability they rely on a quality product,” says Roger Heumann, president, Olympia Sports. “People will see the Wolverine work gloves as essential equipment for their hands.”

Source: License Global