Why Lululemon’s Direct-To-Consumer Segment Is Key To Its Growth

Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ: LULU), the Canadian athletic apparel retailer, is one of the fastest-growing apparel companies in the world. The company’s healthy lifestyle-inspired athletic apparel and accessories have helped the company achieve strong growth over the last few years. Moreover, this growth has been aided by new store-openings and a steady increase in comparable-store sales as well as e-commerce sales across the U.S. and Canada. While the company’s retail business has flourished, Lululemon’s Direct-To-Consumer segment has been the single largest contributor to growth over recent years.

Forbes Trefis Team highlights the importance of its DTC segment to Lululemon in an interactive dashboard, and also details why the segment will remain key to growth in Lululemon’s valuation over coming years.

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