Vancouver businesswoman stays true to her grandfather’s retail strategy

At age 65, with her Army & Navy Department Store chain turning 100, seasoned businesswoman Jacqui Cohen is feeling inspired and vindicated.

CEO Jacqui Cohen outside the Cordova Street Army & Navy. Key to the department store’s success, says Cohen, is never losing sight of founder Sam Cohen’s credo: “Buy cheap, sell cheap. Pass the deal on to the customer” | Chung Chow

She stands next to a hot dog stand that workers are constructing inside her flagship Cordova Street store and reveals what she thinks some people in Vancouver social circles are saying: “Who the hell would have thought that little Jacqui Cohen – trust-fund brat, jet-setter, whatever – would still be standing, and that Army & Navy would turn 100 years old?”

She has watched significant retail department-store chains come and go – among them, Woodward’s and Sears Canada, which dissolved completely, and the U.S. multinational Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT), which briefly entered Canada in 2013 before announcing a brisk retreat 22 months later.

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Yet her five-store chain has persisted as a stable and profitable operation.

“I am woman, hear me roar,” Cohen said. “That’s how I feel.”

She said that she wishes ill will on no competitors, but that every time one of them goes out of business, she feels “prouder and prouder.”

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