Canadian fashion brand Vallier who celebrates its first anniversary, launches its Fall-Winter 2020 line. Canadian fashion brand Vallier launches its Fall-Winter 2020 collection while celebrating its first year anniversary. With 38 winter-ready pieces in a variety of monochrome hues, Vallier builds on its debut launch by upgrading classic silhouettes with the latest technological advancements. New styles and clever updates are sure to win over the hearts of Canadians in search of stylish cold weather apparel.

Staying true to the values outlined by parent company Altitude Sports, Vallier continues to make all weather apparel for better urban living. The designers handpicked premium materials, incorporated new technologies and created silhouettes that look great and perform, whether on your daily walk or attending a video meeting in your home office.

This season, Vallier invites Canadians to look closer and discover hidden features, details that add comfort and set the line apart. New eco-friendly materials, down jackets in Pertex and Polartec fabrics, Japanese flannel, 100% Merino wool, organic cotton and more marry streamlined style and practical functionality for urbanites.

“The Fall-Winter collection is tailor-made for individuals in search of an efficient, classically simple wardrobe. Vallier is made for everyone: people who want warmth and comfort with style; fashion-conscious consumers of the latest trends; fabric nerds who expect the best quality from their garments. Performance, longevity, and laser-sharp attention to detail are key components of the Vallier DNA. Our commitment to being environmentally conscious is also apparent in our new collection, with an increased number of items produced from recycled or environmentally-friendly materials.”— Simon Pelletier-Marcotte, Vallier Product Manager

For women, new additions include 4 casual and formal jackets to take you from early fall through late winter. There are 3 cozy new Merino wool offerings that are perfect for layering: a chunky turtleneck, an oversized cardigan, and a classic pullover. Vallier introduces men to a variety of new jackets, a cozy flannel shirt and a zip-up polar fleece sweater.

At home, the unisex bathrobe introduces loungewear to the brand. The entire line is complimented by a selection of accessories—merino wool scarfs, beanies, and socks.

Both men’s and women’s pieces are available in a variety of classic Vallier hues of black, forest green, navy, grey, white and camel. Customers can easily mix and match pieces from the line. Prices range from $25 to $800 and the pieces are available on