Toray Targets Athleisure Market With Newest Primeflex

The 4-way Stretch of PRIMEFLEX With a Smoother, Softer Hand

Toray has added a new, innovative iteration to its PRIMEFLEX family of stretch textiles.

By employing “Nanodesign” to control the cross-sectional shape of the composite fiber, Toray has succeeded in creating a microfiber PRIMEFLEX polyester. The result is a thin core-sheath structure and a fine composite yarn with a single filament count of 0.8 denier or less.

The single filament fineness provides a flat surface appearance, a smooth touch and a soft hand feel, all with the 4-way stretchability that PRIMEFLEX is known for.The spiral yarn provides the flex, which allows the fabric to stretch and recover without using heavier water-absorbing elastics like Spandex or Lycra. Benefits include outstanding breathability, abrasion resistance and a softer feel against your skin, all in a much lighter package.

The result is a textile that hits the sweet spot Toray calls the “Soft-fit Zone”, ideal for the athleisure category, between the “Hard-fit Zone” of a fabric like Spandex and the “Loose-fit Zone” of regular textured yarn.

The use of a bio material derived from corn also uses less water during processing.

Debuting in 2010, the original version of PRIMEFLEX was a stretchable polyester with a bimetal structure.

PRIMEFLEX 2.0 was a bi-component nylon version, offering a 50% improvement in 4-way stretchability compared to competitive offerings, and a high degree of moisture absorbency.

Toray International America is the North American subsidiary of the Toray Global Network. 

Since Toray’s founding in 1926, we have delivered technologies and advanced materials that provide solutions addressing the balance between development and sustainability.
The Toray Group Sustainability Vision has established a series of Sustainable Development Goals to be realized by fiscal 2030 and 2050, targeting net zero emissions, worldwide resource management, cleaner and water standards and worldwide medical care.

Source: TORAY
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