If you don’t want a whole new e-bike, you can just carry this e-bike attachment around for the biggest hills.

The new design, called Clip, attaches to the front wheel of a bike in seconds. Two arms lock around the bike’s fork, and the other end connects with the front of the wheel. A tiny controller attached to the handlebars has a button that you can push to boost your bike’s speed as you pedal up a hill (its maximum speed is 15 miles per hour). The whole thing is streamlined and weighs seven pounds; a tiny, 450-watt motor sits on the front end, and the batteries are housed in the arms of the device. It’s small enough to fit inside a backpack.

Clip, which will be on the market in the coming months and is available for preorder now, sells for $399, which the company hopes will make it more accessible to riders who otherwise couldn’t afford to switch to an electric bike. It also isn’t as heavy as conversion kits that have to be permanently attached, and if someone wants to use it only for certain rides, it’s easy to leave at home.

Tech Specs

Optimized for the urban commuter. Activate CLIP when you face an uphill climb or to coast that last stretch to your destination.

Color – Black frame with brushed aluminum side panels
Weight – 7lbs / 3kgs
Speed – 24kmph / 15mph
Motor – 450W
Connectivity – Bluetooth Low Energy
Battery – 36V, 144Wh
Battery Range – 10-15 miles | ~45 mins commute
Charging time – 100% recharged in 40 mins
Charger – 36V / 5A Charger
Mobile App – iOS /Android – coming soon
Warranty – 1-year replacement
Compatibility – road and hybrid bikes with a 26” to 28” front wheel.
Price – $399

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