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WhyJoin_TestimonialsFor me the first role of the CSGA is to make sure to keep us uniformed on every aspect of the industry and it is done properly.
Serge Jolicoeur, SEC

This is fantastic. Thank you so much for your help! We got plenty of applications for the BC position but none for the Alberta position. I feel the changes you suggested will definitely help.
Patrick Menard, Kombi Sports

Thanks for your quick response, very useful and much appreciated. They all seem like good matches and I will now pass them on to our client for feedback. We will definitely consider an online post and/or a newsletter post.
Eric Holst, Business Sweden

I love to read the news and would like to hear more about the people in our industry.
Randy Hooper, Retired

I was impressed by the quality of people I got from your ad.
David Battler, Hi-Tec Sports

We found someone for the position and they applied after seeing the post on the CGSA site.  Thanks for your help. We got a good hire!
Adria Morsley, 2XU

The curling report was very helpful
Rick Traer, CEO CSTA

We’re proud to be involved with CSGA again!  🙂
Troy Brown, Baden Canada

Thank you very much for your good service, I appreciate!
Pascale Simard, Cycles Lambert

Great speaking with you! Love a good industry conversation. I am looking forward to reengaging with CSGA. It is a fit for us.
Jon Irwin, UA Canada