Style Photos Canada

Technology for Cost-Effective Product Photography and Videography

Ontario-based company StylePhotos Canada has launched innovative technologies that could revolutionize e-commerce photography and videography.

It is not a secret that the e-commerce industry is booming worldwide, and Canada is no exception. Canadians are buying more online, preferring Canadian-based retailers over American counterparts to save on duties and exchange rates. This provides an opportunity for small-to-medium sized businesses to open new stores and e-commerce platforms to satisfy the expanding market.














StylePhotos was born as a result of the owners not being able to find an affordable solution for their e-commerce store – with prices starting at $20 for a simple photo. With a multitude of “upgrades” such as background removal, material handling (such as ironing or steaming), extra fees for a “rushed” order, as well as colour and light adjustments, the price ramps up quickly — easily exceeding $60 per photo. Needless to say, for a vast majority of retailers these price-points are simply unattainable, and there had to be a more efficient and more cost-effective solution.

StylePhotos Canada is changing the whole process of taking product photography and videography by bringing the latest technological innovation that is booming all over the world to the Canadian market. The technology, machines and software that was developed by StyleShoots allows for an efficient, affordable, and effective process to take place. With companies like Nike, and Macy’s utilizing this equipment, the equality and efficiency that these systems provide is unmatched. StylePhotos is the first company in Canada to carry all three systems, and you can either rent their equipment or ask them to take photos and videos for you.


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Source: Retail Insider

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