We appreciate the feedback and guidance we have received from the respective stakeholder communities, particularly from those that took the time to complete our retailer and exhibitor surveys regarding COVID-19 disruption to their operations.

The majority of survey respondents indicated an interest in having the Spry Shows be postponed rather than cancelled and that they would be comfortable with a final decision on any changes to schedules not needed until the end of May. However the on-going and extended government restrictions to the economy, as of early-May, will realistically not allow us to make final decisions by the end of May and rather than wait any longer, we are finalizing the plans immediately.

In order to let stakeholders make alternative plans to get through the S/S ’21 booking season in other ways and before having to wait until the end of May for announcements of revised plans, we have decided to cancel the Spry Spring/Summer Season Preview, the Spry Maritimes Summer Market and the Ontario Summer Market.

Source: SPRY
2020-05-22T10:17:58-04:00 May 22nd, 2020|