Sport Chek is helping the everyday athlete get what they need to get active – be that gear or the motivation to get moving

The retailer’s latest “Find What Moves You” campaign follows a mom who, by her own admission, is “not a runner” – but is still, nonetheless, running, as she musters up the motivation to get out of bed and check off what she needs to get the most out of a morning run.

Sport Chek is also expanding how a sport is defined. Participation in traditional and team sports has dropped off during the pandemic, but there was definitely opportunity to highlighting things not traditionally considered “sports,” but are broadly “active,” such as running and yoga. This allows it to be more relevant in a meaningful way, especially for a female audience.

The “Cheklist” idea is also being used in cut-downs of the main spot, along with Sport Chek’s ecommerce and sale messaging, to emphasize the one-stop-shop aspect of the brand, emphasizing that it’s a place where customers can find everything they’ll need to get started with a new hobby or fitness routine.

Eva Salem, VP of marketing at Sport Chek says it is not something Sport Chek has ever really directly highlighted in its messaging, but people will see more of that going forward with its work.

Source: Strategy