The resale program enables consumers to turn their used sports gear into credit to spend with Perani’s Hockey World

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SidelineSwap, the world’s largest online marketplace for sporting goods, announced the launch of its first resale program in partnership with Perani’s Hockey World. The Fall 2020 Resale Event enables Perani’s Hockey World customers to easily sell their used sports gear on SidelineSwap and earn bonus credit when they cash out their proceeds into shopping credit at Perani’s Hockey World.

According to Brendan Candon, CEO of SidelineSwap, “In the new circular economy, where consumers are increasingly embracing the resale & purchase of used goods, SidelineSwap provides sporting goods consumers the ability to easily resell their used sporting goods quickly and safely from their homes. This puts more money in the pockets of consumers, while also allowing the used gear to play on to another athlete and remain out of landfills.”

“When a customer knows they can resell last season’s hockey skates for 50% of the retail price, they’re more likely to stretch to buy a more expensive pair of skates for the upcoming season,” Candon went on to say. “That’s a win for retail partners, a win for their customers, and a win for the buyer of used gear who accesses high quality skates at a steep discount.”

To-date, SidelineSwap has helped over 1 million athletes resell their used gear and is part of the larger global resale movement, led by fashion resale marketplaces such as ThredUp, The RealReal, and Poshmark. “We’ve seen the massive growth in fashion resale, which is on-track to be a $64 Billion dollar industry in 5 years. The resale of sporting goods is part of this movement, and we are excited to be the leading online resale destination for sporting goods, as well as the resale partner of choice for forward-looking brands like Perani’s Hockey World,” states Doug Smith, SidelineSwap’s VP of Partnerships.

Robert Perani, Vice President of Perani’s Hockey World, stated: “We are excited to partner with SidelineSwap to enable our customers to tap into the residual value of their used sports gear to help defray the cost of new hockey gear for the upcoming season. We know hockey families are looking for ways to save money, so giving them a resale option is not just good for business, it’s good for sports and the environment.”

Customers who sell on SidelineSwap during the Perani’s Hockey World Fall 2020 Resale Event will receive shopping credit at Perani’s Hockey World with a 15% bonus on top of their resale earnings. For more information, please visit:

About SidelineSwap: SidelineSwap is the world’s largest online sporting goods marketplace where parents and athletes buy and sell new & used sports gear. Founded in 2015, SidelineSwap has served over 1,000,000 athletes with over 100,000,000 sporting goods items listed to the site. Buyers can expect to find great values at up to 70% off retail and sellers can quickly & easily turn their used & unwanted sporting goods into cash or shopping credit. SidelineSwap was one of the fastest growing marketplaces on Andreessen Horowitz’s A16z Top 100 marketplace list for 2019.

About Perani’s Hockey World: Bob Perani’s Hockey World was established in 1976 and is headquartered in Flint, Michigan. Perani’s Hockey World is a specialty sporting goods retailer focused on hockey and lacrosse with 18 locations across the country and 2 locations in Canada. With strong growth and expansion plans, Perani’s Hockey World looks to bring their family run business to emerging and existing hockey markets and provide a first rate shopping experience that has made them an industry leader. For more information, please visit