Besides hospitality, the fitness sector has been one of the hardest hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic as many people continue to be reluctant to visit their gyms and studios.

RunRepeat, a website that reviews running shoes, recently conducted a survey of 5,055 gym members, between August 1 and August 13, on their thoughts about returning to their gyms and what they plan to do.

Overall the survey found:

  • Only 30.98 percent of gym members have returned to their gym since lockdowns;

  • 60 percent have cancelled or are considering cancelling their memberships(19.59 percent cancelled, 40.11 percent considering);

  • Consumer confidence in gyms has decreased since March, with: 22.35 percent fewer members returning to their gyms than had expected to by now and 22.49 percent more respondents having already canceled or considering cancelling their memberships than expected to in March.

Canada had the highest percentage of members who are currently considering cancelling their gym memberships at 39.23 percent. The world average was 38.55 percent and for the U.S. it was 39 percent.

The percentage of people who have already cancelled their gym memberships was 21.15 percent in Canada, 20.51 percent world average, and 20.56 percent in the U.S.