Rick Blackshaw on CCM ALL OUT

“Sometimes the greatest brand platforms are the simplest, the most direct.

The notion of ALL OUT is pretty clear – giving an endeavor everything you have – effort, focus, heart, talent, love, to the last tick of your life.  On and off the ice.

Impossible to do, but possible to strive for, and when you begin to flag, thinking about it, mouthing it, screaming it out loud, can drive you back to the quest.

In the end, if you have gone ALL OUT, you have no regrets.  You gave all you had.

As we talked about ALL OUT with players, one young man in Boston said it was his objective to go all out, every shift of a game, but he doesn’t often reach the objective.  It is a very high aspiration, but something he reaches for every time he laces up his skates.

I feel the very same way – it truly is a guiding principle for myself and everyone else at CCM Hockey around the globe. For over 120 years, we’ve stood as the stewards of the game. In that time, we’ve created more designs, done more testing and spent more hours collaborating with the best players in the world because we’re obsessed with creating gear that gives players the confidence to go ALL OUT.

Hockey is about courage. It’s about commitment to a higher goal, as well as to one another. To play the game well is to be noble. It’s a game that teaches work ethic, determination, and builds grit. It’s a game that fosters growth in leadership, teamwork and cooperation – something this world and our children can never have enough of. It is something that serves as a great unifying force in countries of increasingly diverse backgrounds, political views and languages, and in an increasingly fractious time.

So as hockey evolves, so do we. Behind every CCM logo, there remains one constant: The commitment and passion of every employee. From Montreal, to Minnesota, to Malung to Moscow, CCM stands for passion and an unmatched love of the world’s best game and a never-ending pursuit of the next level.

And at 120 years old, we are just getting started.”


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