REI rolls out first-of-its-kind sustainability requirement that will affect every brand in its stores

The clothing industry is increasingly embracing a green agenda that has some household-name companies putting policies and processes in place that will benefit the environment as well as their business.

One is going a step further. Brands that want to have their merchandise on the sales floor at REI Co-op have to abide by a new set of sustainability standards that one executive at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) says could have a wide-reaching, positive impact on the environment.

REI, an outdoor retailer celebrating its 80th anniversary with more than 16 million members, announced the new guidelines on Monday, and said they apply to every brand and product the company sells. The standards were created using the input of dozens of brands, and will be available to any other retailer who would like to use them.

Click REI Co-op introduces new standards to raise bar on sustainability across outdoor and retail industries



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