Reebok sports bra uses gel to change support as you move

The dynamic liquid has also been used in NASA spacesuits.

A Reebok designer invented a new fabric that stiffens when you’re moving and relaxes when you’re still. No more feeling suffocated by your bra.

While the activewear industry floods the market with hundreds of different sports bras every season, research shows that most female consumers are unsatisfied with their sports bra options, and 1 in 5 women avoid exercise altogether because they don’t have a sports bra that fits them properly.

Reebok wants to make that experience a thing of the past. Today, it launches a new bra, the PureMove, that adapts to your movements, tightening up when you’re moving fast and relaxing when you’re not. It deploys a radical new technology that has the potential to change not just what consumers expect from sports bras, but from the entire activewear industry.

Why PureMove Bra? | Reebok

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