PLUS is a premium streetwear retailer in Canada with a national presence, operating four locations in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Founded in late 2017 by Ibrahim Itani and Andy Zhu – a pair of young entrepreneurs sharing a friendship and mutual enthusiasm related to streetwear – the retailer is a relative newcomer to the industry. Offering a scope of product that includes limited streetwear and footwear produced by contemporary brands like Supreme, Off-White, BAPE and Nike, as well as collectors’ items and other obscure memorabilia, the company opened its first location in Vancouver’s lively and trendy Gastown.

And, with respect to the company’s future growth plans, Itani is as bullish about the opportunities that lay ahead for PLUS as he is about the continued growth of the premium streetwear category. Though he curbs his excitement just a bit, recognizing the unique pandemic period that we’re all currently living through and the ways in which many within the retail industry have been so negatively impacted, he remains optimistic, still seeing a lot of untapped potential for the company to reach even more fans of the unique product that the company carries.

“We want to continue growing. There are a lot of major urban markets that are highly concentrated where we feel our offering would fill a need. With this in mind, we want to extend our presence across the country and expand our online footprint. Looking ahead, once we’ve firmly established the brand within the Canadian market, we’ll maintain our aggressive growth strategy, looking for and identifying opportunities to expand our offering and reach internationally. But, for now, we’re focused on providing the best unified shopping experience for our Canadian customers and continuing to deliver to them the highest quality store design, service and product allocation possible. If we continue on this path, the possibilities for PLUS are endless.”

Source: Retail Insider