The Benefits of the Global Summit Edition 2021

1. Discuss trade-level topics and issues
One of the areas we are most excited about is the chance to facilitate a conference that allows us to discuss all the topics which affect the future direction and prosperity of the entire trade.

2. A platform for brands to demonstrate who you are
Presentations and booths will be designed to give brands or interested outdoor organisations a place to share their stories, values, projects, and products which articulate their larger strategy.

3. An opportunity to network and add value
This is a place to find new partnerships, connections, team members, allies, and more. Bring people from across your organisation, so they can understand and contribute to the culture of our industry.

4. An event to come together
At its foundational level, this event has been created to allow members of our trade to strengthen their relationships and connections. We, like you, view this as essential.

The heart of the event? The personal reunion after more than 2 years!

The event will focus on personal reunions, shared experiences, and the opportunity for new relationships. After more than two years without an industry meeting, we will create a safe platform adapted to the current situation, so that the most important players can finally meet again in person.

The conference can be followed live at the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München or online. The program is based on the major challenges facing society and will highlight possible solutions.

The safety of all on-site participants is, of course, our top priority. In close coordination with the authorities and taking into account the respective current regulations, we will plan the event in such a way that there will be as many Corona-compliant opportunities for exchange and networking as possible.