Dead time no longer exists with Oberson. The advent of teleworking means that customers are shopping at all times. “I’m lucky to have amazing employees, but I feel they are tired,” says Daniel Écuyer, owner of Oberson.

Stormed by biking, skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, Oberson has seen its online sales explode since the start of the pandemic. “I have never sold so many bikes,” explains owner Daniel Écuyer. Far from considering a lull, the businessman even predicts that his sector will still be struggling with a shortage next year. “This type of equipment is made in Europe and a lot of companies have closed for weeks. My challenge is to have enough inventory to meet demand. I don’t have the choice to react quickly. On the other hand, if ski resorts close that would put me in a bad position. ”

In-store sales are not to be outdone, so that long lines form outside the establishment. “Customer management is not always easy. I am hiring 150 employees, but I need additional staff.

Source: La Presse