NEW YORK (Reuters) – Walmart’s said on September13th  it will sell Nike Inc products and offer more delivery options, beginning in its top market of New York City, in a bid to sharpen its aim for affluent, urban consumers and better compete with e-commerce rivals like Inc., an e-commerce shopping site that Walmart Inc. acquired in 2016 for $3.3 billion, is launching a new shopping experience tailored to specific needs of urban areas, starting with New York City, where the site has a new fulfillment center that will be completed this fall.

Jet said it is still finalizing the line-up of Nike products to be offered on the site.Jet is separately courting urban millennial customers through initiatives in another category: grocery. “We’re bringing a grocery experience together with a fashion experience with a home experience that customers can check out in one cart,” Jet’s CEO, Simon Belsham, said.

Through Parcel, the last-mile delivery tech company acquired by Walmart in 2017, most New York City consumers will be able to arrange three-hour scheduled delivery windows for groceries – now including fresh produce – and other merchandise from local shops.

Jet said it is making plans to offer these delivery options nationwide, but will first test them in New York City.

Jet’s relationship with Nike is less about the Nike product and more about how consumers go about discovering a sneaker or running shoe, Jet executives said.

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