After 9 months of methodically testing bike lube brands from around the world, NRG Enterprises is proud to introduce Rock “N” Roll Lubrication to Canada. “We tested bike lubes from dozens of brands and found Rock “N” Roll’s products consistently came out on top. There is nothing else like them,” said NRG sales manager, Rob White.

Rock “N” Roll’s chain lubes are unique because they clean and lube in a single product without the need for a degreaser, ever! There are other “one step” chain lubes on the market, but none are as effective as Rock “N” Roll.

Rock “N” Roll Lubrication is a rider owned company that has been in business for over 25 years. They make chain lubes, cable lube, grease, spoke prep and cleaners. All Rock “N” Roll Lubrication products are manufactured in Central Texas in Rock “N” Roll Lube’s five-acre manufacturing center. Because of their high production efficiency and substantial volume, Rock “N” Roll’s products are less expensive than the competition and represent excellent value to bike shops and their consumers.

NRG is very excited about representing Rock “N” Roll Lubrication in Canada, they offer best in class products at reasonable prices. If you have never tried Rock N Roll’s products before, be prepared to be impressed!

Rock “N” Roll is in stock now at NRG.

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