Nick Foles Signs Endorsement Deal With Lululemon

Nick Foles agrees to new deal … with Lululemon

The free-agent quarterback announced on Monday that he’s now the “elite ambassador” for athletic apparel company Lululemon’s mens’ line.

Foles posted a tweet that poked a little fun at his soon-to-happen “big news,” but said, “This isn’t that news” before saying he’s a Lululemon ambassador.

“Like me, they’re all about community, mindfulness and #thesweatlife… Stay tuned for that other announcement.”

The endorsement comes as somewhat of a surprise, as most NFL athletes typically choose a big-name sports brand like Nike or Adidas. Foles obviously sees a better financial opportunity with Lululemon, and doesn’t care about any of the social media backlash that could possibly be on its way.

Lululemon Men followed Foles on its social media platforms, saying “we just landed the most sought-after free agent in football.”

In a statement, the company said, “As a high performing athlete, family man, entrepreneur and yogi, Nick is the type of ambassador Lululemon seeks to align with.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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