NHL And Adidas Stick With Grayscale With Unveiling Of 2020 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

Last year, the NHL and Adidas came up with a uniform design for the All-Star Game that focused more on black and white and completely abandoned the vibrant color schemes that are usually present on All-Star uniforms. Although it initially seemed as if the NHL was following in the NBA’s footsteps when it comes to All-Star uniforms, there was at least the idea that the reason why black-and-white was the color scheme was since it was common for Adidas to use that color scheme for their Parley uniforms.

As it turns out, the grayscale color scheme was actually a sign of things to come. The 2020 NHL All-Star Game uniforms have been unveiled and while it’s not black-and-white this time, it’s still dark gray, silver, and white. Grayscale continues to play a major role but there’s at least a silver lining — which isn’t the literal silver lining on the uniform. The crests at least have some color on them, as the crests are in team colors instead of being in the color of the jersey.

However, they aren’t nearly as colorful as what you would see on the normal team’s jersey. Instead of simply sticking to the team’s color scheme, each crest comes in one team color with white as a secondary color. For some teams, this works just fine — the Maple Leafs and the Red Wings came away from this particular design choice basically unscathed. On the other side of things, teams like the Lightning, Sabres and Golden Knights suffered greatly from a design standpoint since their color scheme was altered a bit. Instead of going with their primary colors, those teams got stuck with gray and it results in a bit of a drab look for those respective teams.

It’s especially strange when you take into consideration the other teams and their decisions. The Blues have a blue crest but the aforementioned teams with blue color schemes are stuck with gray. The Blackhawks are also inexplicably stuck with a gray crest for some reason. The Golden Knights may wear gray jerseys on a regular basis but their color scheme is gold and it would have helped make them more distinctive. It also would have helped Vegas fall in line with other teams like the Predators, Bruins and Penguins who ended up with their yellow/gold color scheme being replicated onto this crest colorway.

One positive about these uniforms is the fact that the design at least draws from local inspiration. According to Adidas, the striping pattern is meant to represent “a musical staff along the front and sleeves of the jersey” as a nod to the city’s musical history. Additionally, the use of silver on the stitching is meant to represent the color of the Gateway Arch. While I’m personally skeptical that this usage of silver is honestly meant to represent the Arch and not just another shade of gray that’s being used to make it stand out from the darker shade of gray that comprises the dark jersey, it’s still an intriguing design element. If you’re going to take a chance like that, the All-Star Game is a good place to to try it.

Still, it’s unfortunate that the drab color scheme has made it into the NHL All-Star Game for another season. It appears that All-Star Game uniforms across the NBA and the NHL are changing with the format of the game and that includes giving the uniforms a color scheme that’s based in grayscale. It’s evolving from being a trend to becoming the norm and if this continues, All-Star Game uniforms may be going down a path of boredom instead of being exciting and unique to the host city.

Demetrius Bell :Contributor|SPORTSMONEY Forbes


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