New Eurobike concept attracts large numbers of new exhibitors

Exhibition space at Eurobike 2018 sold out – About 100 new exhibitors – The most new exhibitors hail from Germany

Nine weeks before the start of the Eurobike, Messe Friedrichshafen is again registering a full house. About 100 new exhibitors who are either making their premiere appearance at this year’s edition of the leading bike industry trade show, or who are returning to the Eurobike stage after an absence, reaffirm the new concept for the trade show and are proof of the vigorous dynamism currently characterizing the bike market. 

“In terms of exhibitor numbers for the Eurobike, we are back in the range of last year’s record 1400 exhibitors,” reports Dirk Heidrich, Messe Friedrichshafen project leader for the Eurobike. Exhibitor space at the Eurobike, held in the trade show hub of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, is once again sold out. This year, about 100 companies are celebrating their premiere appearance at the Eurobike or are returning to the leading   international bicycle industry trade show after a break in exhibiting at the Eurobike.

One example is the mountain bike pioneer Kona, who this year is returning to the Eurobike as an exhibitor for the first time. The company from the American Northwest is bringing some interesting new products with it. For example, with the new E-MTB line Remote, which is equipped with a Performance-CX drive from Bosch and sturdy luggage racks, Kona is building an electric bridge between the MTB and traveler bike segments.

But E-bikes are not the focus of all of the exhibitors at this year’s Eurobike. For example, the Swiss startup BETA, founded in 2017, prides itself on high quality carbon frames for racing bikes and mountain bikes. Company founder Jonas Müller can look back at a career as a developer at some of the leading brands in the bike scene. Now, with his young company, he wants to bring his concept of the ideal bike frame to life and present the resulting product in Friedrichshafen.

The exhibitors celebrating their Eurobike premiere not only include manufacturers of bicycles and E-bikes – many produce equipment and accessories. One example is the young company Rubber Kinetics, which was recently able to secure a licensing agreement with one of the most well known brands in the bike segment. The American startup is going to produce and sell Goodyear brand bike tires, the tradition-rich brand named after Charles Goodyear, the discoverer of vulcanization.

A name that is less well known, but one whose products are installed in very many E-bikes, is A&C Solutions. The Belgian company is counted among the market leaders in electrical connectors on E-bikes. Now, for the first time, the company will show industry observers which innovations in this segment are anticipated for the future.

Innovation is also a good keyword for the Q 36.5 brand from Italian manufacturer Q&E srl. But this Eurobike exhibitor is putting its effort into innovation in the textiles segment. Its name reflects its mission: The Q in the name stands for Quaerere, the Latin word for “research”, and 36.5° Celsius is the ideal body temperature of a human being. The Italians are thus dedicated to the question of how bikewear can contribute to keeping a cyclist’s operating body temperature in the ideal range as much as possible. The solutions from Q 36.5 are exceptionally light bikewear pieces that blaze a few new trails in body mapping.

Just as the average price of each bike sold is constantly increasing, thanks to popular E-bike technology, the relevance of financial and insurance services providers in the bike market is growing as well. The Eurobike has thus also become a trade show that focuses on new bike-related services, especially in the West Foyer.   One pioneer in this segment who is returning to the Eurobike stage this year after a few years’ absence is Wertgarantie AG, which, with its guarantee and theft insurance products for bikes, is one of the market leaders in this segment.

In contrast, Austria’s Greenstorm Mobility AG is a relatively young and rather unusual company. Although it was first founded in 2016, the company from Ellmau in Tyrol, with its fleet of 3500 E-bikes and 60 Teslas, is already one of the leading providers of loaner E-bikes for tourism use. The special twist in their business model is that hotel operators who work with Greenstorm to offer loaner bikes and cars to their guests pay for the bikes with vouchers for unsold hotel rooms. The company’s concept seems to be working: by 2020, it plans to expand its services across Europe, with 100,000 E-bikes and 400 Teslas.

“The bicycle market is changing very dynamically. On the one hand, the E-bike boom is generating record revenues for many market players, but also considerable shifts in market structures. With the changed concept for the show and a clear focus on trade visitors and e-mobility topics, we are addressing these changes in the bike and E-bike market. The strong positive reception from established as well as new market players shows us that we are on the right track with this concept,” says Eurobike Head Stefan Reisinger.

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