Nalgene Outdoor Launches New Bottle Customization Feature

ROCHESTER, N.Y.Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Nalgene Outdoor, maker of reusable water bottles, launches its new “Customizer” online store, which offers Nalgene bottle fans a way to create individualized products quickly and easily– the perfect companion for everyday adventures!

Nalgene Outdoor’s “Customizer” online store allows consumers to create their own personalized reusable water bottles that are unlike any other bottle in the world. Consumers can purchase a single bottle or enough for the whole family! These new custom Nalgene bottles make for a perfect gift, personal style statement or team swag. Cutting edge printing technology translates images as vivid as the original photo to the bottle; seamlessly upload a favorite family picture, travel snap or company logo. For even more customization, the site includes text, graphic and color options unique to Nalgene for users to position, play with and make their own on the bottle.

Customizing a Nalgene reusable water bottle is a simple and user-friendly process:

  • Visit and click on “Customizer”
  • Select the bottle and cap colors you want, all available in a wide variety of color combinations
  • Upload photo (or photos!)
  • Add text or stock graphics; select text colors, fonts and sizes and change graphic colors and their placement on a photo or another part of bottle
  • Hit “save” and name your bottle. Make any changes and then “add to cart” for final approval
  • Each bottle is $20 at checkout
  • In 10 to 14 days a nothing-else-like-it-in-the-world, bottle arrives


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