Six More Modern Golf Locations Are Planned for 2021

The company has four locations currently (Calgary [2], Vancouver, Mississauga).

Three new locations (opening January 2021) will be in Vaughan in a commercial pad near the Vaughan Mills shopping centre; in Oakville at Dundas and Trafalgar; and one in Heartland in the outlet area of Mississauga. The Heartland store will be a new store format for Modern Golf as an outlet store. The company has plans for an additional three locations in the fall of 2021

Paul Fisher, Managing Partner of Modern Golf, said golf traditionally has been a difficult retail business as pro shops have the advantage of not having to pay rent and operating costs are relatively low.

“They’ve been able to exist because of that. Off course retailers, the Golf Towns of the world, the little ma and pa operations, it’s been a really, really tough run for those businesses over the last 10 years,” said Fisher.

“But COVID changed everything for everyone in golf retail. From Modern Golf’s perspective, we’re running 150 to 200 percent revenue growth month over month. I think everyone in the industry is experiencing growth that they never would have imagined. Obviously there’s a huge, huge amount of new golfers coming in because of COVID but also a huge influx of golfers that left the game.

“We’ve seen a tremendous influx of golfers that really haven’t played much in the last seven or eight years and they’re all coming back into the game and they’re all spending a tremendous amount of money. So whether this is a cyclical boom or not, for the golf industry this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all the people in it who have kind of grinded away over the last 10-15 years where it’s been tough.”

“I think the mental health benefits of golf are incredible. It’s a peaceful sport. For the people who have come back to the game they’re realizing wow it really is nice to be outside, go for a walk and be with my friends and be able to feel safe while all this COVID stuff is going on,” said Fisher.

Source: Retail Insider