In one very specific way, the coronavirus pandemic has made Toronto-based money manager Chris Moynes’ job easier: it has helped him convince his NHL player clients to start preparing for the worst.

“A lot of the time, pro athletes think they’re indestructible so when you start talking to them about insurance or wills and powers of attorney, their mindset is, ‘Nothing is going to happen to me,’” he said in an interview.

From left to right: Marcus Foligno, Minnesota Wild left wing; Chris Moynes; Nick Foligno, Columbus Blue Jackets captain

Moynes is the managing director of ONE Sports & Entertainment Group, which is based in Southern California and counts nearly 15 per cent of the NHL’s players among its clients. COVID-19 has seemingly shaken their sense of invincibility and Moynes says his team has been “very busy” helping NHLers, even young ones in their twenties, get serious about estate planning.

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