“KOMBI is launching a completely revamped brand image”



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Three generations of Canadians have grown up with KOMBI and can identify with

It’s new brand image, making winter a festive event that brings people together.

MONTREAL, September 15 2014 – KOMBI is launching a completely revamped image with its new 2015 collections. A new logo, new marketing strategy and updated packaging result from a lengthy reflection process, combined with interviews with all of the individuals involved in the distribution chain; comprehensive market research studies, visits to sales stores, and surveys.


This repositioning work enables KOMBI to redefine its identity, while rigorously respecting its core values. The result: after 53 years, KOMBI asserts itself as a heartwarming brand keeping us #allinthistogether during winter!


Human warmth, since 1961

The love affair between KOMBI and cold weather didn’t come about just yesterday. Seasoned skiers have been wearing KOMBI gloves since the 1960s. KOMBI was new at that time with their padded protection, making it easy for skiers to practice their favourite sport. Even Nancy Greene wore KOMBI gloves when she won the World Cup in alpine skiing in 1968. In the 1970s, these famous Montreal-designed gloves were also worn by the unforgettable “Crazy Canucks.” Today, KOMBI is a third generation family-run company in full expansion, characterized by a solid growth strategy; which managers are committed to implementing daily. The company also includes a team of nine employees based in Shanghai, ensuring meticulous product quality control, and maintaining business relationships with factories. “Our new brand image is part of an international growth strategy, aiming to solidify KOMBI’s relevance in the winter clothing and accessories market,” says Mark Pascal, vice-president of Kombi. “Our brand is the best for affordable and quality warm clothing and accessories, in Canada and wherever the climate is cold. Our newly formed Management Committee and eight new employees at our headquarters will contribute to fulfilling the objectives of this new strategy.”


An interactive and integrated campaign, based on togetherness

For this widespread brand revamp initiative, KOMBI went further than simply changing its logo and signature. The brand has taken a 360 degree approach, putting everything into place to tie in closer to its clientele. From new product categories (Elite, Multi, Metro and Kids), new packaging colours, pictograms allowing clients to understand and select products more efficiently based on their needs, to ongoing presence on social media—KOMBI has thought of every last detail to enjoy winter to its fullest. The campaign also includes the revamp of the website and an extensive Canada-wide media relations plan, including initiatives with female Canadian bloggers. Finally, KOMBI is working on enhancing its relations with its retailers through new product knowledge clinics, newsletters and a national engagement program aimed at floor staff.


Reliable, timeless, accessible and friendly: the KOMBI signature

Founded in 1961 in Montreal, Canada, KOMBI is a leader in winter accessories. Recognized for its affordable collections of impeccably sewn gloves and mittens, KOMBI’s expertise also includes base layers, socks, tuques and other accessories to enjoy winter to the fullest. KOMBI offers its products in over 1500 stores in Canada, and in over 20 countries across the world. Its mission is to keep winter lovers of all ages warm, from their head to their toes!

For further information, consult http://www.kombicanada.com/ and also watch the following brand video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_66lvRvvyNk


Marie-Hélène Choquette Zaurrini / Marketing Manager, KOMBI

514 341-4321, extension 244 / mhz@KOMBIsports.com