Kahunaverse || Finding customers with Facebook’s dynamic ads for a broad audience

Kahunaverse teamwork makes the dream work. Honoured to be featured by Facebook for our campaign success of 11X returns and growing.


The sports equipment and apparel retailer used dynamic ads for broad audiences to widen its reach and find new customers, achieving an 11X return on ad spend.


Athletic outfitters

Kahunaverse Sports is Canada’s largest provider of sporting equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories. With stores across Canada, it provides uniforms and gear to individual athletes and entire teams. Its mission is to outfit and inspire the athlete in everyone, whether they are recreational or professional.


Scoring new customers

Kahunaverse wanted to find new, genuinely interested customers who are likely to buy sporting goods.


Recruiting broad audiences

Kahunaverse partnered with Northern Commerce, an ecommerce firm, to help build a new digital advertising strategy. They decided to use Facebook’s dynamic ads for broad audiences to widen Kahunaverse’s customer base. The strategy requires advertisers to install the Facebook pixel on their websites and to upload a catalog of product pictures to Ads Manager.

The team sent photo ads that displayed a carousel of many sporting products to the broad audience of 18- to 55-year-olds. The ads automatically presented audience members with products they had expressed an interest in, whether on or off the Kahunaverse site.

Leaving no stone unturned, the team then took the most interested members of that broad audience—those who had viewed products within the past 28 days and those who had abandoned loaded carts—and retargeted them with dynamic ads. The dynamic ads helped remind people of products they previously viewed, inching them closer to purchase.


Game on

Kahunaverse’s July 1–September 30, 2018 campaign bumped up sales and return on ad spend, achieving:

  • 11X return on ad spend
  • Over 500 new customers

“We knew we had to be reaching customers on Facebook and Instagram, but the next step was to determine how to reach them at scale. Partnering with Northern Commerce for the technical implementation enabled us to not only measure the success of our ads with the pixel but also reach new customers through dynamic ads for broad audiences.”

Scott Kehoe

VP Marketing, Kahunaverse

“Facebook enables businesses to reach customers across devices with highly relevant ads that drive results. Leveraging dynamic ads and rich product catalogs, businesses can drive a great return on investment while also efficiently advertising entire product lines.”

Julian Reiche

Director of Paid Media, Northern Commerce

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