JJ Wilson launches first fashion label without family

The Ride clothing brand also adds marketing heft to Wilson’s spin-club business

Serial entrepreneur JJ Wilson has launched his first fashion brand that does not involve anyone else from his family.

Wilson calls his new fashion line Ride, and its limited collection is available online at his Ride Cycle Club website, as well as in that fitness chain’s outlets in Toronto, North Vancouver, Yaletown and the location that opened in early January, Kitsilano.

“I’m taking a complete opposite approach than what Chip, Shannon and I took with Kit and Ace, where we really expanded and put the pedal to the metal,” he said.

“I’m trying to grow Ride Cycle Club organically, independently, on its own as a business, and not have pressure to expand too quickly. I’d rather focus on the quality of our product, and growing and testing the right new revenue channels.”

He is scouting real estate for more locations in Toronto.

Wilson’s Ride brand includes a range of sweatshirts, T-shirts, pants and shorts designed for men and for women. The womenswear line also includes sports bras made with a stretch nylon fabric.

Made in China, the clothing is designed in Vancouver by Wilson and a team that includes a product developer and Ride Cycle Club instructors.

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