JAXJOX’s Connected Kettlebell Brings Smart Workouts to CES 2019

Every year at CES the goal is to show us how all things can be made better through technology.

The KettlebellConnect is a surprisingly smart piece of workout equipment considering a dumb kettlebell is just a big heavy metal ball you lift up and down. For starters, the KettlebellConnect can actually dynamically alter its weight and resistance by rotating inner cores, ranging from 12lbs to 42 lbs within the same device. Physically it also features a non-slip base with a display for changing weight, and a wide grip handle to help users maintain form. The battery lasts 14 hours on one charge.

As a smart device though the KettlebellConnect also tracks all sorts of data, specifically data about your workouts. Motion sensors detect particular movements and number of reps, storing them in a mobile app. Create different profiles for up to nine users

You can also subscribe to JAXJOX’s subscription service, $30 per month, to gain access to Peloton-esque live fitness classes that make use of the KettlebellConnect. Future connected JAXJOX workout equipment will also work with this service.

The JAXJOX KettlebellConnect is available now for $349.

Source: Geek.com


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