Personalized nutrition is the key to health and wellness

Customized and Actionable Report with Supplement Recommendations

With our symptomatology-based vitamin and nutrient report, you can find out what you need to take your health to the next level. For over 30 years, our test has been used to bridge the gap between scientific research and your health with practitioners using this as their preferred testing method. Our team stays up to date with the latest research to ensure we help you to develop a nutrient, and supplementation regimen that’s right for your body based on your results.

Your report will be unique and specific to you. Although there are other nutrient testing methods and companies out there, at VIT-ASSESS we care for you – your report includes a personalized action plan and recommendations for research-backed food, vitamins and supplements to help you take the next steps in reaching your optimal health.

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Straightforward, Engaging Report Format

We understand that this information is complex and that scientific terms can be confusing, so unlike others, we present our results in a format that is straight-forward, engaging and completely clear, so you can understand and get the most from your results.  We also offer a hover-over glossary in our questionnaire that provides you definitions at your fingertips, so you never need to feel unsure.

A Few Words From Our Founder

VIT-ASSESS is a family owned business that offers its customers an alternative to clinical and laboratory vitamin testing. My personal health journey began with understanding the root cause of my issues – and this came with understanding what my body was already trying to tell me. We want to help you with your health and wellness journey, by truly making it your journey.

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