Zenkai Sports announces new version of compression apparel with major upgrades!

Portland OR January 14th, 2021: Zenkai Sports, the rapidly growing  Portland OR based performance apparel company, recently introduced a new upgraded eco-friendly 2.0 compression line.

With a blend of natural fabrics, the 2.0 line is 90% biodegradable and helps athletes thermoregulate naturally during exercise.

The major upgrades for the 2.0 Compression line include:

  • 50% increase in fabric and seam strength
  • Improved fit in chest and underarm area
  • Longer body and sleeve length
  • Improved 4 way stretch
  • Reinforced Velcro tabs (hockey specific pieces only)
  • Increased leg and arm length
  • Ergonomically designed waist band with a more comfortable fit

Zenkai apparel improves athletic performance by enhancing our body’s sweat management system.  Scientific studies have shown how vital sweat is in cooling our body during activity.  Zenkai, powered by Filium®, keeps a thin layer of sweat on our skin.  This keeps us cooler during exercise and reduces our energy exertion because our bodies don’t need to continually produce more sweat during exercise.

“Zenkai designers, in close cooperation with our factory, did an incredible job developing our new 2.0 compression styles.  We are confident our customers will love the feel and durability of our new fabric blend.” 

Doug Lynch Zenkai Sports CEO

New 2.0 Styles still have the same great standard Zenkai features

NEW Men’s Compression Tops 2.0

NEW Compression Hockey Tight 2.0 (with Velcro tabs)




  • Filium® – the ultimate synergy of natural fibers and performance technology
  • ZenFresh Anti-Odor – no smell build up for the life of the garments
  • Less Washing – can be worn multiple times without washing, this helps reduce carbon footprint and saves time/money/energy
  • Natural Grip – fabric keeps pads in place during games and practices





Our Story

Zenkai was founded in January 2018 in Portland, Oregon, by athletes who saw an opportunity for natural
athletic apparel in a marketplace dominated by synthetics. The goal was to create the future of performance apparel derived from natural fabrics, while helping athletes perform better by staying cooler.

After raising initial start-up capital in August 2019, the company launched technical performance base layer and training apparel. The ownership group consists of four families who together have a combined 150 years of experience in athletics, 90 years of experience in apparel, a commitment to sustainability to help our Planet Earth, shared passion for sports, and the desire to create natural, performance enhancing apparel for every athlete – recreational, amateur or professional.

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