Each month BarterPay sends a statement to their members outlining all their bartering activity.

Now, BarterPay can also report on their members Social Impact with respect to BarterPay It Forward®️, Canada’s newest way for businesses to give back and for charities to receive funding….WITHOUT USING MONEY!  There’s so much impact BarterPay can create by converting idle inventory into giving!(see photo).

BarterPay will help businesses barter their extra time and/or idle inventory in exchange for Barter Credits.

Then, they use these Barter Credits with other BarterPay members to obtain the products and services they need to offset costs which boosts their bottom line!

What’s really exciting though, is that many of the BarterPay members across Canada are now donating some of their newly earned Barter Credits to charity via the BarterPay It Forward Foundation.

This allows them to create social impact in their community without having to use money, instead they can just tap into the barter economy and monetize their spare capacity into giving!!!!

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