Iconic Kenesky goalie gear reborn and back in the NHL

Goalies flocking to new chest protectors being made in London, Ont.

Joel Hulsman couldn’t help but cry when he watched the Washington Capitals’ first road game of this season.

Hulsman is an old school hockey guy, so tears aren’t commonplace. But he couldn’t hold them back when he saw the distinctive stars stitched on goalie Braden Holtby’s chest protector, peeking through the team’s white away jersey.

That chest protector was a Kenesky — and just like that, a Hamilton icon that is intrinsically tied to history of the NHL and hockey in Canada returned to the world’s biggest stage.

A century-long history

The original Kenesky’s store stood at the corner of Barton Street and Wellington Street for just over 100 years before it was demolished back in 2016.

For years, Kenesky’s shaped every level of hockey in Canada all the way up to the NHL. In the late 60s and early 70s, every single goalie pad worn in the NHL was made by the store’s then-owner, Emil “Pops” Kenesky.

Emil ‘Pops’ Kenesky – 2011 Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame Induction Video

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