Hockey Canada Skills Academy

Incorporate #CanadasGame into school curriculum with a Hockey Canada Skills Academy. Application deadline is April 15, 2018.

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So what are the benefits of a HCSA program, for both minor hockey and schools?

• increase in training time by maximizing arena availability during school hours; players may receive more than 400 hours of extra training time per year
• enhancement of individual technical and tactical skill development
• enhancement of academic achievement through the motivation of establishing a balance of both academics and athletics within the school system
• would assist in equalizing the development opportunity for:
– players born late in the year
– late bloomers
– late starters
– late maturity
– male and female player development

The long-range vision of the HCSA program is for Hockey Canada, working closely with its 13 member branches, to sanction and monitor HCSA-licensed programs operating in both rural and urban centres throughout Canada, where both minor hockey associations and arena facilities are available.

The HCSA model has the potential to be a second mainstream player development program mirroring the minor hockey club team system in Canada. Throughout the evolution of this new program it is important to keep in mind that HCSA is a supplement the club team system and not intended to replace it.

It is also important to note that within this long-range vision of HCSA, the outcome is not to develop future professional or international caliber athletes, or Rhodes scholars. The outcome is to enhance a student-player’s confidence, individual playing skills, self-esteem and opportunities in both academics and athletics beyond the primary and secondary school system all while making efficient use of arena facilities during school hours.

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