Health & Fitness tenants: Redefining the Retail Experience

The fitness craze is in full effect in Canada

Popular and expanding health and fitness brands are expanding across the country. There is some clear segmentation within the larger ecosystem of health and fitness concepts. Brands like Movati and Lifetime Athletics offer larger, higher-end facilities with full-service-amenities at a premium price point.

Another growing category is occupied by names like U.S. brand Planet Fitness, a fast-growing fitness concept with a combination of premium-style amenities at a lower price point that is fundamentally changing the nature of the fitness market in Canada. There are also the smaller facilities in the 3,000-7,000-square-foot range, brands like Anytime Fitness and Orangetheory, whom continue to be successful.

The industry perception of health and fitness tenants has clearly shifted in recent years. Once viewed as an alternative or even last resort, these brands are recognized as valuable tenants with promising co-tenancy synergies.

Source: Retail Insider
2020-02-13T11:46:46-04:00 February 13th, 2020|