As COVID-19 has brought global retail to a halt and has permanently altered consumer behaviour in Canada and around the world, what growth opportunities are there for Canadian sporting goods brands?

On Tuesday December 8, tune in to this joint webinar between the CSGA and WPIC Marketing + Technologies, all about the growth opportunities for Canadian sporting brands in Greater China and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

Get valuable insights into the shopping habits of Chinese consumers and how your brand can capitalize on China’s growing middle class and the world’s largest e-commerce market.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Which sports are most popular with Chinese consumers
  • What sort of growth is expected in the sporting goods sector in China
  • How the 2022 Beijing Olympics are expected to impact sports in China
  • Which products are most in demand with consumers
  • What sort of revenue can be expected in the first year or two
  • What sort of Canadian sporting goods brands have succeeded in China so far
  • And more

This 45-minute chat will be moderated by CSGA President and CEO Julian Savory and will feature WPIC President and Co-founder Joseph Cooke as guest speaker.

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About CSGA

The Canadian Sporting Goods Association [CSGA] is a not-for-profit Canadian Corporation that acts as the the hub for the sporting goods industry in Canada, bringing together suppliers, retailers, service providers, amateur sports associations, educational institutions, and government, creating the synergy and voice the industry needs to prosper. 

About WPIC Marketing + Technologies

WPIC Marketing + Technologies drives online revenue for global brands in China and Japan through data, analytics, e-commerce solutions, essential support services, and more. With over 15 years of Western management and Chinese and Japanese operations in digital and IT sectors, WPIC has successfully deployed and grown over 450 brands in Asia and has global reach across China, Japan, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.