Golf In – Canada’s fastest growing golf simulator

Carl Fortin, a CPGA professional and his father launched Golf In and commenced manufacturing high-end residential and commercial golf simulators in 2005.  Since 2014, Golf In has become Canada’s fastest growing golf simulator manufacturer, by more than quadrupling in size from a mere 2400 sq ft manufacturing facility to close to 10,000 sq ft today.  Manufacturing capacity has advanced from 30 to up to 100 per year.

Golf In sims allow you to test your game on over 85 of the worlds’ most beautiful golf courses and compete against friends in a remarkably beautiful, professional-looking environment.  Golf In sims are more than just a product to play rounds of golf, in a comfortable environment.  With an integrated shot analysis/launch monitor system, players receive feedback on every shot taken, including putting, showing not only what the ball did, but also, why it did it.

Golf In’s growth is not based solely on its manufacturing of high quality golf sims and  expansion into Ontario, Alberta and the Maritimes.  The greatest impact to Golf In’s growth was the introduction of the Zone Golf In Program in 2015.

The Zone Golf In Program is an industry first, with the goal of becoming the largest network of indoor golfing facilities throughout North America and beyond.  This program was designed specifically with you, the golf course owner and pro in mind.  The Zone Golf In Program is simply the best available.  This program allows you to maintain golf revenue year-round and augment food and beverage revenue during the winter months.  All you need is a minimum floor space of 15′ W x 20′ D x 9′ H for a single Golf Club model simulator.  You have NO capital investment; NO maintenance, parts or repair costs; an OPEN contract (after the first season); FULL-TIME technical support; a Zone Golf In member card program with an integrated revenue management system AND a complete marketing plan.  Your ONLY initial investment is the upfront payment of the installation (varies by number of sims installed) and a yearly ‘’rental’’ fee paid over 5 months.

For a live demonstration, Golf In, will be at the Golf Industry Expo, November 1-3, 2017

To book an appointment, contact Tim Tremblay at 418-957-8521 or

To inquire about purchasing a simulator or joining the Zone Golf In Program contact or 877-228-5533. Visit