Flow Motion Technology is an emerging sports technology company born in Sweden to develop and bring to market the patented Flow Motion Technology (FMT) to enhance athlete performance. FMT aims to build a new global standard for ice skates, inline skates and ski bindings.

Marsblade is the first brand launched with this revolutionary technology. The brand and its ice-hockey products are now available primarily online via Marsblade.com and selected stores across North America, with the aim to increase the number of stores and other sales related partnerships in Canada during 2019.

“Canada is a key market for us and the potential is huge, we have seen rapid sales growth and demand for our products during the past 1-2 years. We now have the resources to increase our efforts further on the Canadian market. We are excited to join the CSGA as part of our long-term expansion strategy and to interact and cooperate with its members”, says CEO Hans Victor.


The Marsblade Ice Holder powered by the Flow Motion Technology is built to improve overall skating performance with advanced engineering to improve turning efficiency, energy transfer, power and speed. The product has been verified by top professional players and power skating coaches and is now used by players in the NHL and SHL.


Read the article “Marsblade Could Change The Way NHLers Skate” by Bob Duff for more information about the ice holder.


The Marsblade Roller Frame powered by the Flow Motion Technology is a training tool that gives ice hockey players the most “ice-like” skate feel off the ice. It has quickly been adopted as an obvious choice for training by players of all levels, including NHL players such as Nicklas Backstrom, Max Pacioretty, Oliver Ekman Larsson and many more.

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About Marsblade

Since Marsblade was founded in 2011, our vision has been simple: to provide superior and innovative products that will make you a better hockey player as well as make hockey more fun and accessible to play.

In the mid 2000, the former professional hockey player and the inventor of Marsblade, Per Mårs got the idea of creating a training tool to improve his off-ice training. This idea was later developed into the now patented Flow Motion Technology and came to be the foundation of the company.

In 2013, the company launched its first product under the Marsblade brand, the Marsblade Roller Frame.  We are now fine tuning our next revolutionary product, the Marsblade Ice Holder, also with Flow Motion Technology.

Since the launch of the Marsblade Roller Frame our company has been providing products that help hockey players of all levels ranging from NHL superstars to young kids all around the world to reach their goals as well as inspiring more people to join the game we love.

We promise to continue to work hard every day, taking the game of hockey in to the next era and setting new standards.

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