FightCamp’s At-Home Boxing System on Display at CES

FightCamp, an at-home boxing system and fitness tracker, is showcasing its system at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, looking for attendees to spar with. FightCamp is essentially the boxing equivalent of the cycling platform Peloton. It is intended to appeal to people who might not have time to commit to attending regular boxing classes at a gym.

A tiny Bluetooth sensor is inserted into each glove while training, capturing the number of punches being thrown by a user as well as the intensity of each punch. That tracking data is presented on the FightCamp app in real-time.

FightCamp has been around for about a year but was initially aimed at professional-level boxers looking to train for their sport. In December 2018, the startup company released a general fitness package consisting of a punchbag, gloves, trackers, straps, and a floor mat for $995.


Source: Sporttechie

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