Same day delivery in Montreal. The next day in Vancouver. And soon within a maximum of three days in the United States. Altitude Sports, a Quebec company that now sells only online, has set itself the goal of delivering its packages as quickly as possible across Canada, to be as accessible as a local store.

The warehouse is located just 8 kilometers from the Montréal-Trudeau airport.

Being close to planes is the secret of the company which in June introduced a “next day delivery” service for the Toronto market and which has started guaranteeing the same delivery times for the cities of Vancouver and Victoria a few weeks ago. , Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Regina. Over the next year, the company wants to tackle the American market with a maximum wait time of three days before receiving the package. So by air, a customer living in Calgary can order camping equipment today and receive their order the next morning, for example. The package can be delivered in less than 24 hours. Montreal customers don’t have to wait overnight to receive their purchases. Since last summer, we deliver to them the same day. ” [The secret], it is to have a warehouse directly next to the airport, indicates Mr. Dubois. There are no other means of transport capable of offering this kind of service there. ”

Increase the frequency of purchases

The company found that the frequency of purchases by customers with access to same or next day delivery service was much greater than that of consumers in other markets. Until recently, an order could take three days to end up on the doorstep of a sports enthusiast living in Western Canada, according to Maxime Dubois. With the new service offered in this region of the country, “we know what kind of increase in sales we can obtain,” he says, without however giving more precise figures on his forecasts for this new market.

Running shoes, camping tents, bicycle accessories, slippers and sandals were among the top sellers.

The international market

In addition, after Canada – the company even has customers in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories – Altitude Sports wishes to conquer the American market. “The goal is to be able to serve other countries, but for customers to have the feeling that they are ordering in a local store because the delivery is so fast, the service is so adapted,” explains Maxime Dubois.

“The logical country would be the United States,” he adds. With the warehouse we have, we can reach just about any market in the United States in a maximum of three days. It’s very competitive. But of course, we are looking at Europe. Building a team in Italy or Germany, for us, that would not be a big challenge, ”he said, adding in the process that the pandemic had given them experience in managing teams remotely.

And physical stores, do they plan to open more one day? In particular, the company had for several years a store on rue Saint-Denis. Altitude Sports took advantage of the end of the leases in June 2019 to close its last store in Mont-Tremblant.

“A traditional brick and mortar retailer will choose their styles and limit themselves to the number of hangers they have in their store. We have never lived with this vision of restrictions for a store. Our website has no limited space. We are not going to build a store that is the size of four football fields to be able to display our products unfolded on hangers. “


Owners and presidents: Maxime Dubois and Alexandre Guimond
> Foundation: 1984
> Head office: Montreal (in the Mile-Ex) (152 employees)
> Warehouse: Saint-Laurent (137 employees) * this number may vary according to the periods of the ‘year
> Orders delivered during the pandemic: over 1 million> Brands available: 400

Source: La Presse