How much does it cost to join the CSGA?

Supplier $500, Retailer $250, Multi-line Agent $200, Business Service provider $200 and Sports Associations $200.


Do I need to be a Canadian company to join the CSGA?

No. The CSGA represents the Canadian Sporting Goods Association and welcomes foreign companies and associations interested in being a part of our industry.


Does the CSGA organize conferences and social events?

Yes. Conferences and social events can be found in our event calendar.


Can members of the CSGA get discounts or other privileges to sporting events?

Generally no. However the CSGA and its members will extend special invitations to relevant events. Specific information about these events will be posted on the CSGA site under events.


If I join the CSGA will I have access to information about retailers and their buyers’ names?

CSGA provides a master library list of sporting good retailers. Detailed retail updates will be posted on CSGA Industry Directory once they are submitted by our members. The directory can be accessed only by members.


Is membership renewed annually?

Yes. Automatic renewal confirmations will be sent 30 days prior to annual membership anniversary date.


If I join does membership entitle me to services with other associations?

Yes. Automatic no charge all inclusive membership in the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) is included with your CSGA membership.


Can members use the CSGA logo as endorsement?

Yes. If you are a member of the CSGA in good standing you can feature the CSGA logo on your business cards, brochures and website. Details on our endorsement program can be found here.