Family bike shop will likely be bulldozed for Queensway bridge repairs

They’re planning to flatten Gord Martin’s bike shop so that cars and trucks can drive across town. Gotta be an irony in there somewhere.

Martin has owned and run Cyco’s on Hawthorne Avenue a few steps east of the Pretoria Bridge for 23 years.

The first he heard of the plan to flatten his shop was when a stranger walked into the shop on Wednesday and told him it was a done deal. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation needs Cyco’s and two businesses beside it, the Royal Oak and a Greek on Wheels outlet, to build a replacement for the Queensway bridge over the Rideau Canal.

The ministry says in an email that the plan is not finalized, but it briefed city councillors about it this week and has called it their preferred option.

No one has yet contacted Martin, though he notes that “there were whispers that they would have to do something about these bridges eventually.”


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