Equinox Group announces its entry into on-demand fitness streaming

The new digital venture will include two separate pieces of hardware and personalized content representing its portfolio of brands, including SoulCycle, Equinox, and Precision Run.

Slated for launch this fall, the platform will pair with a new stationary bike identical to the one found in SoulCycle studios—with the addition of an attached screen. Equinox will also sell its proprietary Woodway treadmill, which can already be found at Precision Run studios.

The new digital venture (which has not yet been named) will include all the brands’ signature workouts—led by top instructors—in one network. It is not meant to replace the live studio experience, rather to serve as an addition for dedicated members who want an at-home offering.

SoulCycle classes: coming to a living room near you.

The new digital venture puts Equinox in direct competition with Peloton, which also boasts both treadmill and stationary bikes along with a broad range of fitness content. Last year, Peloton opened a new production studio dedicated to yoga and meditation in New York City. The streaming giant is now valued at more than $4 billion.

The platform will integrate live and recorded original video and audio content from Equinox brands spanning 300 physical locations and 6,000 instructors. In addition, members can access exclusive classes from Project by Equinox, the studio dedicated to experimental workouts and innovative instructors. The “fitness incubator” runs the modality spectrum, ranging from HIIT to yoga, even martial arts.

The platform starts with an invitation-only launch in the fall, with the at-home equipment available for purchase by the winter. A more public rollout is set for early 2020.

Source: Fast Company
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