David Astley & Co. has officially been named the exclusive distributor of Frost Tape to the Canadian market

Frost Tape is made in Sweden. It is a high quality cotton, natural adhesive tape, made specifically for use on the sensitive skin of your face to help prevent frost bite.

“Frost Tape protects your skin and reduces the risk of frostbite in cold and rough weather. Since 2011, Frost Tape has actively been used by professional skiers like “an extra skin” during low temperatures. Our vision is that everyone should be able to enjoy their winter activities and skiing, even during cold days.”

Frost Tape is available as rolls and pre-cuts.  The Frost Tape Rolls are 7cm x 80cm, are available in 4 colors. They can be cut to any custom shape and size to fit your personal needs. The convenient Frost Tape Pre-Cuts are available in both Adult and Junior sizes. The pre-cuts are available in 4 colors, as well as our Canadian exclusive Canada Flag pre-cut. Perfect for cheering on our winter Olympians! Both formats can also be customized to reflect any color or logo.

You can find more information on the Sun & Snow website at: http://sunandsnow.ca/frost-tape-pre-cuts/ and at http://sunandsnow.ca/frost-tape-rolls/


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