Greetings, Canadian Sporting Goods Association members, subscribers and industry friends! Lightspeed is honoured to be partnering with the CSGA to invite brands to join our Supplier Network and to bring our omnichannel commerce platform to members at a discounted price. That includes access to our Supplier Network, a way for retailers and suppliers to connect unlike ever before.

Using the Lightspeed Supplier Market, SMBs can more easily adopt a demand-focused inventory model. Suppliers can boost strategic inventory visibility. With automated shipment handling, an automatically-updating supplier catalog system and easy order management tools for both parties, Lightspeed’s direct integration between businesses and brands helps independent businesses work the way enterprise giants do.

We’d like to invite CSGA members to our upcoming webinar, Learn how Lightspeed’s Supplier Network is revolutionizing retail, hosted by your go-to Lightspeed contact, Chloe Freeman. On Thursday, April 8th at 1 PM ET, Chloe will talk about how the Supplier Network works, how it’s shaping the future of commerce—and how you can get on board.