As March figures and announcements pour in daily amidst all the furloughs and adjusted forward statements, I enjoy connecting daily with our industry colleagues.

Top emerging priorities going forward appear to be increasingly managing costs & liquidity, leveraging ecom & home sports, better understanding preparation to the new normal & readying business accelerator & CRM tool kit.

The largest uncertainty that plaques us all is how long?

Reality of all this will invariably will lead our industry to look at new opportunities, innovations, and sizable investments in new e-com to provide digital solutions.

In the meantime, a special thanks to our friends at CPSA for putting together;

CPSA WEBINAR : Sales Coaching Through Crisis – Maintaining Relationships and Business Continuity in Times of Uncertainty

CPSA WEBINAR: Selling and Succeeding in Turbulent Economic Times

Reach out anytime as we just want you to know we are here with you!

Stay well be well,